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Social establishments

Sanatorium-preventorium "Akhtuba"

Comfortable rooms, skilled medical and service personnel, beautiful outside, guards and a car park, cafe and small restaurants nearness, close beach and boating stations, bowling center "Megaspace", cultural programs - all this ensures a nice and good rest.

Sanatorium-preventorium "Akhtuba"

Recreation Center "Veterok (The Breeze)"

Recreation Center "Veterok (The Breeze)" is situated 15 km far from Volzhsky city at ecologically clean area of Volgo-Akhtuba flood-plains.

Recreation Center "Veterok (The Breeze)"

It is accepted by right by our city inhabitants as one of the best places to spend their spring, summer and winter rest.


Our Partners

Одуванчик — топливные присадки и нефтехимия


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Legal Information

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"We are an open company to whom one trusts"

Volzhsky Orgsynthese, JSC appears as a legal person and works on the ground of Russian Federation legislation and the Charter, registered by Volzhsky Administration decision №1011 AO-56 at 09/23/1993.


Volzhsky Orgsynthese, JSC is one of the major chemical partnerships in Europe. We manufacture the wide range of base chemistry products: Methionine feed grade, N-methylaniline - additive to raise gasolines octane number, rubber accelerators and carbon bisulphide occupy the main place among them.

We take leading stands at the Russian market of organic synthesis production but we do not stop at reached position. It is natural for us to improve constantly business processes to reduce the production cost. Thus in 2005 we constructed and placed in operation our proper steam generation that allowed the company to become independent from the suppliers of steam - one of the most important energy resources for us.


Any modern chemical company may not exist without the quality management system. Our quality management system conformity to the requirements of the International standard ISO 9001.2000 is confirmed by TUV CERT certificate issued in 2004 and affirmed in September 2005 and in August 2006.


Over 30 companies in 7 countries have become our partners. Applied IT including кorders management throughout Internet make the interaction with us more handy and agreeable.


Our Ecological Policy provides for a close monitoring of the environmental state at our plant and its outside. The plant is situated near the city with the population more than 300.000 people and we concentrate a rapt attention to the ecology.

The nature-conservative measures of our plant consists of the following:

  • Full cycle of biological waste waters purification at our proposer treatment plants;
  • Thermal highly toxical gaseous and liquid wastes processing;
  • Disposal of solid wastes at special landfills with a sanitary-hygienic area and a forest belt of 25 hectares.

Social domain

Our social policy basis is the following - "the high production quality is impossible without the high quality of the company's employees life". Chemical enterprise nature engages to come thoroughly to the matter about the stuff's health, and we have all opportunities for this.

The sanatorium-preventorium "Akhtuba" and the recreation center "Veterok" belonging to the company are popular not only for the plant's employees but also for Volzhsky and Volgograd inhabitants and guests.

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