Online Market Place participation in purchases process

Outline of OMP operation

  1. Applications formation by the company's divisions;
  2. Applications formation by the company's divisions;
  3. Applications receipt by purchases departments, applications distribution between department managers according to ЕОО ГРC classification.;
  4. Applications selection for publication at OMP;
  5. Applications distribution at Online Market Place;
  6. Collection and analysis of offers received from our suppliers;
  7. supplier selection;
  8. Purchases fulfilment.

Four advantages of OMP system

  1. Efficiency of the information publication and its availability for potential customers in 24x7 mode.;
  2. Convenience of tenders, applications and commercial offers organization on products and services group;
  3. Address, operative presentation of offers for deliveries and participations in tenders to responsible managers.;
  4. Availability of OMP information for inquiries at all Internet search engines..

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Online Market Place of Volzhsky Orgsynthese, JSC

Online Market Place service is destined for the interaction of our customers with our Commercial Service and other structural divisions. Here you may find the information about our current needs, know about conducting tenders, offer us your production or services.

Information about illiquid funds realization, main raw materials list and other data necessary for our current and potential customers are also placed at OMP.

To use OMP it is not necessary to be registered - you may easily scan all sections and send us your offers via the Feedback Center of our site.

No need to think whom you will address your offer to - OMP System will send it itself to the appropriate purchases department to the responsible person.

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Purchase of raw materials for the mainline production

Supply of technological equipment

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