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Equipment Supply Unit

Division head

Alexander Tujlov

phone +7 (8443) 21-59-02

Purchase managers

Nickolay Dovjukov
phone +7 (8443) 22-57-91
Import equipment and spare parts
Jury Lugovoy
phone +7 (8443) 22-58-61
Non-standard metal items, technical equipment spare parts
Jury Kotov
phone +7 (8443) 22-58-11
Domestic technical equipment, airflow systems, pipeline accessories
Irina Corchagina
phone +7 (8443) 22-58-05
Imported equipment, spare parts and materials
Elena Zalipaeva
phone +7 (8443) 22-58-03
Imported equipment, spare parts and materials
Sergey Evseev
phone +7 (8443) 22-58-43
Equipment and instrumentation spare parts
Sergey Krotov
phone +7 (8443) 22-57-10
Instrumentation spare parts, laboratory equipment
Mikhail Kozlov
phone +7 (8443) 22-58-00
Cable-conductor products, industrial heating systems, vehicles, storage equipment
Alexey Skobeev
phone +7 (8443) 22-57-49
Low-voltage and high-voltage electrical equipment, electric motors
Valentina Zhukova
phone +7 (8443) 22-48-47
Radio parts, instrumentation and AUS TP spare parts and materials
Alexey Vorontsov
phone +7 (8443) 22-56-98
Electrolamps, wiring accessories, wiring materials, electrical insulating materials, equipment fuels and lubricants, building materials, railway materials and spare parts, heaters
Vyacheslav Haydukov
phone +7 (8443) 22-56-82
Metal rolling, pipes, forgings, electrodes, air ducts, pipe posting products, lined pipeline and its elements
Oleg Fedoruk
phone +7 (8443) 22-56-97
Pipeline details, hardware products, rubber products, metal hoses, grids, tools, construction fasteners
Irina Naumova
phone +7 (8443) 22-57-48
Refractory products, heat-insulating products, non-asbestos sealing materials, TRG materials, fluorine polymer products, ATI products, gases: oxygen, propane, furniture, automotive components: tires, battery, filter cloths
Elena Basariya
phone +7 (8443) 21-48-49
Tools, construction and mounting hardware, including hardware products, rigging, glassware: Klinger glasses, inspection, indicator tubes, fire fighting equipment and supplies, batteries, bicycles and garden equipment spare parts; Implementation of goods and materials for third parties

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