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Ash-free multifunctional additive "Cascade-3" mark A is destined to increase gasolines octane number with simultaneous improvement of other operation performances (detergent, antirust, antioxidant properties).

Made in compliance with ТУ 0257-009-56491903-2003


  • technical (by ND): Cascade-3
  • chemical (by IUPAC): Cascade-3
  • commercial: Cascade-3 additive
  • synonyms: Ash-free multifunctional additive Kaskad-3

Upon customers requests Cascade-3 manufactured in 2 modifications: with a detergent component and without it. It’s fed to gasolines up to 1,45% of mass and, depending on gasolines component composition, ensures octane number rise by 2,5-5,5 units under a motor method (and at that it surpasses other produced ash-free additives – BVD, MTBE, ethanol and other alcohols in alloying efficiency and cost).

Product conformity to sanitary regulations and standards is confirmed by the sanitary - epidemiological certificates issued by the State services of sanitary- epidemiological inspection of Russia and Ukraine.

For all additional information please, visit our NMA Project on the Web (in Russian).


IndicesStandard (type "А")
1AspectHomogenous liquid from yellow to brown colour without mechanical impurity
2Density at 15° С, g/cm30.940 — 0.980
3N-methylaniline content , %89 — 90
4Oxygen-containing substances content , %≥ 4 — 11
5Water content, %≤ 0.2
6Octane number of isooctane and normal heptane mixture at the ratio (70:30) by volume has to increase in units:≥ 4.5
7Aniline content, %≤ 0.45

Note: In case of corrosion inhibitor and polyfunctional additive addition (upon customers request) their content is indicated in quality certificates.

Shelf life – 6 months since the production date.

Hazardous cargo

Hazardous cargo:

Class 6, subclass 6.1. Special instructions on handling with the product are given in MSDS.

UNO serial number: 2294



Steel drums type I of 100 (200) dm3 according to GOST 6247, GOST 13950 or GOST 17366, tanks-cars and railway tanks trucks.

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