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Carbon dioxide (gaseous and liquid)

Сarbonic Acid / Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide (gaseous and liquid) is applied to create a shield for metal welding, in food industry (e.g. for carbonization of soft-drinks), for ice producing, foodstuffs cooling, freezing and storage.

Made in compliance with GOST 8050-85


  • technical (by ND): Carbon dioxide (gaseous and liquid)
  • chemical (by IUPAC): Carbon dioxide
  • commercial: Carbonic gaseous
  • synonyms: Carbon dioxide


1Volume content of carbon dioxide, %, not less:99,8
2Volume content of carbon oxideThis product should be tested on p. 4.4
3Content of mineral oils and mechanical impurities, mg/kg, not more:0,1
4Hydrogen sulphide contentThis product should be tested on p. 4.6
5Hydrochloric acid contentThis product should be tested on p. 4.7
6Sulphirous and nitrous acids, organic compounds contentThis product should be tested on p. 4.8
7Ammonia and ethanolamine contentThis product should be tested on p. 4.9
8Odor and tasteThis product should be tested on p. 4.10
9Water content, %, not moreThis product should be tested on p. 4.11
10Water steam concentration at 20°C and a presssure of 101,3 kPa, g/m3, not more, equal to the temperature of carbon dioxide saturation with vapour at pressure of 101,3 kPa and a temperature of 20°C, not above



Shelf life of liquid carbon dioxide:

  • in bottles according to GOST 949 – 2 years since the production date
  • in cisterns – 6 months since the production date.

Product conformity to sanitary regulations and standards is confirmed by the sanitary - epidemiological certificate.

Hazardous cargo

Hazardous cargo:

Class 2 subclass 2.1. Special instructions on handling with the product are given in ICSC:0021.

UNO serial number: 1013 (liquid gas), 2187 (chilled liquefied gas).

CAS registry number: 124-38-9



Low temperature – carbon dioxide: isothermal reservoirs, containers-cisterns type IC and ICC according to GOST 19622-89. Liquid carbon dioxide: bottles of 50 dm3 according to GOST 949-73, in containers of other type and special containers for auto transportation.

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