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Одуванчик — топливные присадки и нефтехимия


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Sodium hydrosulphide technical

Sodium hydrosulphide is applied as raw material in chemical, textile, tanning industries and in other industrial branches.

Carbamate MN

Carbamate MN is applied as a depressor of pyrotine of metal-nickel ores, a reagent of non-cyanic technology for sulphide ores flotation, a stopper of synthetic caoutchouc and latex polymerization as well as for oil additives prtodution.

Butyl potassium xanthate

Butyl potassium xanthate is applied as a reagent-collector in flotation of ores of nonferrous and rare metals.

Potassium amyl xanthate

The strong and least selective flotation reagent-collector. It is applied for flotation of Cu, Ni, Zn and Au – bearing sulfide minerals.

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