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Methionine fodder


Methionine feed grade is among sulfur-containing aminoacids and is the first indispensable aminoacid for animals and poultry. Preparation is destined to be applied in food allowance of agricultural animals and poultry as an additive especially in case of animal feedstuffs lack.

Made in compliance with GOST 23423-89


  • technical (by ND): Methionine fodder
  • chemical (by IUPAC): DL-2-amino-4-(methylthio)-butaneacid
  • commercial: Methionine fodder
  • synonyms: α-amino-Y-methylthiooily acid

Methionine plays an important role in metabolism, takes part in tissue proteins synthesis as well as participates in various processes of vitamins, hormones and enzymes synthesis.


1AspectCrystal powder
2Methionine content, %, not less:99
3Content of water and volatile substances, %, not more:0,3
4Ash content, %, not more:0,5
5Sieve residue portion in Ød=1 mm, %,not more0,5
6Content of cyanide derivates, mg/1 kg, not more2
7Arsenic content, mg/1 kg, not more:2
8Fluorine content, mg/1 kg, not more:100
9Lead content, mg/1 kg, not more:5
10Cadmium content, mg/1 kg, not more:0,3
11Mercury content, mg/1 kg, not more:0,1

Methionine is registered by the Veterinary Department of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia as a veterinary preparation, registration number ПВР -2-3.3/01270.

Product quality stability is confirmed by the Certificate of conformity issued by the Certification authority. Conditions prescribed for veterinary preparations production are approved by the Certificate of FGU VGNKI of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia and by the veterinary attestation of Volzhsky veterinary service.

Shelf life – 5 years since the production date.



3-layer paper bags BMP, VMP and PM, net weight 25 kg, special soft bags.

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